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Key Factors to Look For in a Personal Injury Attorney - Rochester, NY

personal injury law

Workplace accident? Car crash? Dog bite? Injury due to someone else's negligence? It sounds like you may have a personal injury case that's pursuit is worth consideration.

You deserve to understand your options if you've been injured by another individual, group, or business' careless, reckless, or negligent behavior, actions, or lack thereof. Some attorneys will gladly speak with you only to inflate your ego with promises of millions of dollars without mentioning any potential drawbacks. However, responding to a situation that results in serious injury and harm requires lawful, calculated, and expedient actions on behalf of the injured party.

The attorneys at Mike Law are as open and honest as possible with personal injury clients, just as with any other clients or potential clients. Over the past decade-plus, they have won and negotiated thousands of dollars in Court for clients who were injured by unlawful or negligent actions. Luckily, Mike Law Offices has an in-office nurse who can focus directly on personal injury matters with a deep understanding of the medical field, injury timelines and severity, hospital and EMT actions, and personal injury case history. She understands what factors into a successful personal injury lawsuit and has helped injured clients looking to get back on their feet win hundreds of thousands of dollars in Court and through settlement.

So, with that experience in hand and all that said, what are some key factors that someone considering a personal injury lawsuit should consider when seeking a personal injury attorney to represent them?

Seeking a personal injury attorney in or around Rochester, NY?

Here are some critical traits of a successful personal injury attorney:


Considering lawsuits, like all legal matters, have time frames in which they must be set into motion and deadlines to keep the matter from going on forever, prompt response times are essential. Certainly, many factors come into play regarding the passing of time on a personal injury suit.

Like the big firms, attorneys at Mike Law have many clients and various cases. Still, they always take a personal approach and consult any potential client by providing all possible options. With their experience in personal injury matters and with the help of an in-office nurse, Mike Law understands the timing component of a personal injury lawsuit. There are many important factors to consider, including time spent in physical therapy and impairment percentage, that play into the ultimate decision of whether to go forward with a lawsuit and, if so, what the result is.

personal injury physical therapy

Personal Injury Know-How

Like any job industry, those working in the legal field often specialize in certain areas of the law. While it may make sense to speak with or hire a specialized attorney in some cases, the real key is that the firm knows what they're doing regarding the relevant legal matter. The firm may handle multiple areas and be very successful in each. Just because a firm heavily advertises its expertise in a specific legal topic doesn't necessarily mean they're the best at what they claim to do.

The attorneys at Mike Law Offices represent clients in employment, real estate, criminal, DWI, and personal injury cases, among others. Still, they have deeply rooted experience in each of those aspects of the legal world. Often, it's that well-rounded type of practice that helps attorneys approach individual scenarios creatively to assist their clients best. It helps to see things from many different points of view, especially if the case goes before a jury. Plus, it helps to have a nurse in the office who can help see personal injury matters from a medical perspective.


As previously mentioned, experience pursuing and litigating personal injury cases is a core component to consider when seeking a personal injury attorney. You wouldn't hire an accountant to perform your heart surgery! Always ask a potential attorney what sort of cases they have handled in the past and what kind of results they've gotten.

Mike Law Offices has represented numerous individuals concerning their personal injury matters and helped them to either settle for or win compensation for the pain, suffering, and burdens created by their undue injury. This includes workplace injuries, dog bites, slips and falls, and other not-so-fun scenarios.


Ultimately, those seeking legal representation on a personal injury matter want results that appropriately compensate them for the pain and injury they've unfortunately suffered. To sustain an injury or pain, go through a long and drawn-out legal process, and walk away with nothing in the end is not what anyone wants to deal with.

At Mike Law, attorneys are always willing to be real and have honest conversations with clients and potential clients. There are no exorbitant and unlikely promises made, only diligent work put in to ensure the best possible result is pursued for every client who is wrongly injured.

If you'd like to learn more about our services or discuss details of your personal injury matter with a legal professional, call Mike Law Offices today for a legal consultation at 585-888-MIKE (6453), shoot an email to, or contact us right here.


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