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Geraci Law Offices

A Rochester Attorney with a host of experience in Criminal and DWI Defense from Misdemeanors to Major Felonies, Traffic Ticket Representation, and Civil Litigation including Employment, Labor, and Union Law, Personal Injury, Immigration, and more.

A decade plus of experience winning cases and providing the best possible representation for clients.

That's the kind of attorney one can get when they call Geraci Law Offices. Whether you're an employee facing discrimination or harassment or an employer who's been wrongfully accused of misconduct. Whether you've been caught up in the criminal justice system and need a lawyer to provide proper representation or someone with a tough past who's looking to turn their life around and maybe start a new business, Mr. Geraci is an attorney that can be counted upon to show up for you.

So, if you have some questions about any legal scenario you're facing or would just like to learn more about what Geraci Law Offices can help you with, reach out to our firm today. We're looking forward to your call.


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