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Rochester NY cityscape attorneys

Practice Areas

Our firms are general practice law firms with focus on the following areas:

traffic ticket or dwi
Small business
personal injury
Vehicle and Traffic Law


Traffic Tickets happen to everyone.  If you find yourself in this situation, give us a call to find out how we can help you put this interaction with law enforcement in your past.

Small Businesses


Small Businesses are the backbone to our local economy.  We welcome the opportunity to work with your business or idea for a business to help it grow into a job producer while protecting your investment.

Personal Injury


If you were hurt by the negligent action of others, then you deserve to be compenstated.  We would welcome the opportunity to be your team in fighting for a legal recovery that can't fix all the problems caused by the injury, but can help ease the pain.

Estate planning trusts and wills
drinking and driving
house for sale
Estate Planning


Planning for your estate can ease the burden on your family at their time of need.  We work with you to discuss the difficult questions and put in place a plan to help your family move forward while protecting your assets.

DWI Defense


One night's poor decision doesn't have to define you.  We analyze your case to determine the merits of your defenses and fight to present you with options to put this incident in your past and let you move forward.

Real Estate


We work with individuals and businesses that are buying or selling property.  Our aim is to make the transaction as smooth as possible for you while properly protecting the greatest investment that many families will ever make.

shaking hands business deal
law is like chess
Legal papers
Employment, Labor &
Union Law


Everyone wants the job they've always dreamed of, but reality often places both employees and employers in challenging work environments. If you feel that your rights as an employee or employer have been stepped upon, we have the necessary experience to fight for you.

Civil Litigation & Small Claims


Civil litigation can be compared, just as all litigation can, to a chess match. Being prepared and having a sound strategy are critical components to both. At Mike Law Offices, we like to play quick games of chess during occasional breaks to exercise our mind and allow us to refocus our energy, helping us locate the key details in our clients' civil cases.

Filing Legal Documents


Whether you need assistance with expunging past legal records that are weighing you down, filing a pistol permit, or applying for a liquor license, Mike Law Offices has the ability to take care of the paperwork so that you don't have to deal with the headache.

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