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Motion Granted - Concealed Carry Pistol Permit Application Denial Successfully Appealed


Applying for a pistol permit or seeking recertification? What if your permit application was denied? What are your options and next steps to take?

Considering Attorney Michael Geraci's recent success in Monroe County Court for a client in appealing a pistol permit application denial, what eligibility requirements exist to apply for a concealed carry permit? And what is the process of appealing a Court's decision regarding a pistol permit application?


Geraci Law Offices has secured another victory on behalf of a client.

Just a couple of months ago, our office was contacted by a client who had had his pistol permit application denied in Monroe County Court due to seemingly contestable reasons. After a careful review of the facts and circumstances of the case and verifying that my client did, in fact, meet all the eligibility requirements to carry a concealed firearm pursuant to Penal Law § 400.00 (1), we chose to file an appeal of the decision.

What happened next?

Just a couple of months after this client had his concealed carry pistol permit wrongfully denied, we received the news that the appeal was successful, and his application was Ordered to be GRANTED!

Just like that, another client leaves content with a legal win, and Mike Law adds another notch to the victory tally. The best we can do is meticulously review and utilize the facts and circumstances of our clients' cases to ensure that their needs are met and that the best possible resolution is achieved on their behalf. Sometimes, the decision isn't always the best, but that's where the appeal process exists to correct any wrong decisions in the best interest of truth, justice, and public safety. And that's what we desire to protect with every client that engages Mike Law Offices.

This is why the legal procedure is so important in absolutely any scenario you may find yourself in. Even if the Court, by way of the Judge or Jury, makes a decision you feel is unjust, unfair, or incorrect, there is almost always a method for you to pursue recourse.

But what specifically is the application and appeal process like regarding pistol permits and concealed carry in New York State? Click the links below to learn more.

Do note, however, that the only way to appeal a pistol permit application denial is to file a Civil Practice Law and Rules (CPLR) Article 78 Petition, through which the petitioner asks the Court to review a decision by a governmental officer or agency. It is possible to file an Article 78 without an attorney, but it is highly recommended that one at least consults an attorney before doing so.

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