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Vehicle & Traffic Law

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Get a speeding ticket or other traffic violation?


Save Points - Save Money - Save Your License

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If you received a ticket, then it is important that you act quickly to address the ticket to get the best possible result and avoid having your license suspended.

As your attorney, we would take care of the process from the beginning to the conclusion. This means that in most circumstances you would not have to appear in Court, saving you the time and hassle of lengthy court appearances.

By fighting your ticket, you can potentially avoid (1) points; (2) fines; (3) state surcharges; (4) the driver's assessment fee starting at $300.00; and (5) losing your license. See more information below on what you are facing.

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Save Points


What is so bad about points?

The DMV has assigned points to different violations. Points will impact your insurance rates and if you accumulate points then you could lose your license.

The State also imposes the Driver Assessment Fee when drivers have accumulated 6 or more points in 18 months.  The Driver Assessment Fee starts at $300.00 (this is on top of any fine or surcharge imposed by the Court). The Fee goes up $75.00 for each additional ticket. Therefore, if you receive two four-point speeding tickets, then you would have to pay fines and surcharges on both tickets (totaling up to $936.00) and then you also have to pay an additional $450.00 for the Driver Assessment Fee. Therefore, you could be facing $1,386.00 in fines, surcharges, and fees for those tickets.  


This does not include the insurance increase that you are likely to face, which will result in likely thousands of dollars in additional premiums over time.

If you receive 11 or more points within 18 months, then your license may be suspended.  

How many points am I facing?

Save Money


How much will my ticket cost me?

A ticket can cost you money in three ways. The first is the immediate impact of paying a fine and surcharge. The exact amount depends upon the nature of the violation and the Court. However, if you plead guilty to a first-time speeding ticket then it can cost you $393.00 between the fine and surcharge.

The second financial impact is to your insurance rate. As mentioned in the points section, a speeding violation can see your insurance premiums increase by approximately 10-20% per year. Over time, this can result in hundreds or even thousands of dollars in additional premiums.

The third financial impact can be from the loss of job prospects.  Employers running driving history or background checks can be scared off from hiring individuals with violations on their driving record.  Some employers require completely clean driving records and a single violation could cost you a job.

The fourth financial impact is from the time and expense of traveling to Court.  If you try to fight a speeding ticket without an attorney, then you will not have attorney representation and you will have to sit through multiple court appearances that require your attendance in-person.  If you hire our services, we handle the ticket and your appearance is almost never required.

How much is the attorney fee?

We charge a flat-rate fee of $325.00 for the average speeding ticket.  While this is an initial up-front cost, you could be saving yourself hundreds or thousands of dollars by getting yourself representation.  We work to save you time, money, points, and protect your driving privilege.

If you want us to help you with your ticket, give us a call today at 585.888.6453

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