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The Mike Law Digital Office

Welcome to the digital Office of Mike Law, based in downtown Rochester, NY. Mike Law is a junction of two separate solo firms, both suitably headed by attorneys named Mike. When you come to Mike Law for assistance with your situation, you will find attorneys with knowledge in a wide range of legal practice areas.

Geraci Law Offices, established in 2018 by Michael F. Geraci, Esq., is the go-to firm for labor and employment law, civil litigation, and criminal and DWI defense. Geraci has experience representing individuals and businesses in various labor and employment matters, including contract negotiations, Article 78 petitions, and Complaints with the New York State Division of Human Rights, among other complex union and employment legal scenarios.

After graduating from the University of Dayton Law School in 2011, Geraci began his legal career with Trevett Cristo Andolina Law Firm before venturing out to create his own practice. He currently represents the Rochester Teachers Association, among other local union members. Email Mike at or call 888-MIKE (6453) to discuss your case with this established Rochester attorney today.

Geraci’s longtime collaborator and former high school classmate, Michael T. Pattison, Esq., has a breadth of knowledge and experience in real estate and small business law matters. In addition, Pattison is an experienced attorney in both civil and criminal litigation, including DWI defense, personal injury, and Vehicle and Traffic Law. Pattison founded the Law Office of Michael T. Pattison in 2012 after graduating from the University of Miami Law School and has been practicing in downtown Rochester since. Pattison gained invaluable legal knowledge starting with the firm of Elliot Stern and Calabrese before beginning his own practice.

Together, the two Mikes have worked with many different attorneys and clients in the Greater Rochester area and beyond, constantly striving to learn and apply the most relevant, effective, and efficient legal arguments for their clients. In addition, they pride themselves on the ability to relate to and converse with the clients they serve so that people in uncertain legal scenarios can find confidence and comfort with their representation.

As Rochester “street lawyers,” Mike and Mike work with and advise clients to make them aware of all possible actions and outcomes. Additionally, both practices offer flexible payment options and may be willing to work with clients facing hardship, dependent on circumstances.

So, if you need legal advice, assistance, or defense, Call 888-MIKE (6453) for some tremendous legal sense.

Call, email or, or send a message through this site Right Here to schedule a Consultation Today!

And if you’d like to stop by the office for a visit, Louie the Labor Lab will be wagging to see you.

We have changed offices in recent months and are now located in the Times Square Building in Downtown Rochester at 45 Exchange Boulevard, 4th Floor.

If you would like to check out some vital information about various legal topics or learn more about the offices of Mike Law, make sure to head on over to our Blog and stay on the lookout for future posts.

Thank you – we look forward to hearing from you!

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