Personal Injury


If you or a loved one is injured in a car accident or other negligent action of another person, then you deserve to have your rights protected.


We understand that you need a team to fight for you.  We would be honored to represent you and help you obtain the legal recovery that you deserve after you were harmed by someone else's negligent act.


When drivers enter the roadway, they undertake a duty to act as a reasonably prudent driver under the circumstances.  When drivers breach that duty by failing to drive in a safe way, it can have real impacts on the lives of others.  The damages can include, but is not limited to, (1) pain and suffering at the time of the incident; (2) lost wages; (3) medical bills; (4) pain and suffering from the impaired or lost abilities long-term; and (5) the loss of consortium caused by the victim's inability to perform tasks around the household.


In our experience, the impact and stress of a personal injury can harm entire families. 


As with most personal injury attorneys, we work most of our personal injury cases on a contingency basis meaning that we won't charge you unless we recover for you.